Cave Levels

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Mob Level (Min)Souls to EnterCave NameProvinceRoute
30Wooma TempleWoomyon
40Zuma TempleMongchon
40Connected PathBichon
44Hidden LandsMongchon
45Slave CaveMongchon
50Stone TempleMongchon
50Maggot LairBichon
50Death ValleyBichon
51Mins of MoriaBichon
52Ghoul CaveBichon
53Life Death CoffinMongchon
53Spider CaveWoomyon
54Serpent TombArcane Wall
54Terror TempleArcadia
55Ice TempleSnowbrook
56Valley of the SerpentsArcane Wall
58Ant CaveArcane Wall
63Prajna TemplePrajna Island
67Insect CaveArcane Wall
72Black Dragon DungeonGi-Ryoong
78Fox PathTristam
85Svaltus CavePrajna Island
89Zuma DungeonPhoenix Wall
90Stone TombMongchon
91Mutant MinesVailutra Forest
9310 + 1 per 10 minsMutant LairPrajna Island
96Holy PalaceSnowbrookSnowbrook Mountain
97Sunken TempleArcane Wall
101Dark WoodPhoenix Oasis
102Savage Wooma TempleVailutra Forest
106Cisthene CaveArcane Wall
110Desolate ChamberPhoenix Oasis
112Iku's LairPhoenix Oasis
11616 + 1 per 10 minsOld TombVailutra Forest
116Temple of Ancients (F1-5)SnowbrookSnowbrook Foothills
116Naga RuinsNaga Desert
118Crystalline PassageSnowbrookSnowbrook Foothills
12519 + 1 per 10 minsNaga TempleNaga DesertNaga Ruins
127Naga ValleyNaga Wall
130Savage Terror TempleNaga Wall
131Desert TunnelNaga Wall
132Desert MinesNaga Wall
13422 + 1 per 10 minsHalls of AgonyPhoenix Oasis
136200Red Dragon DungeonGi-Ryoong
136200Blue Dragon PalaceSnowbrook
136Temple of Cursed JungleAyarin Province
138Desert CityNaga WallDesert Tunnel
142Paradise IslesArcadia
142Paradise LakesArcadia
14225 + 1 per 8 minsParadise HeightsArcadiaParadise Isles
146Isle of the DeadIsle of the Dead
146Tomb of the DeadIsle of the Dead
158Temple of Ancients (F6-10)SnowbrookSnowbrook Foothills
15428 + 1 per 6 minsSavage WastesNaga WallNaga City
156Crystal TempleSnowbrookSnowbrook Foothills - Crystalline Passage
162Past BichonPast Bichon
166Orc CityNaga Wall
16730 + 1 per 3 minsForgotten RealmAyarin Province
170Shadow Zuma TempleMongchon
174Bug CaveMongchon
176Catacombs of MiseryPhoenix Wall
180West BichonBichon Wall
18530 + 1 per 3 minsPlanes of AcheronPhoenix Wall
187Marbled Stone TombMongchon Province
19030 + 1 per 3 minsRuins of the Consumed SoulsBichon WallWest Bichon